Flyme OS test firmware (MX4 Pro)

Firmware Highlights

  • New growth and local theme screenshot sharing more convenient.
  • Increase accessibility options, more intimate.


  • Theme: new growth and local theme screenshot function, press the volume keys and power button trigger.
  • Optimization: Updated Instagram, VSCO, QQ, Uber, Baidu maps and other applications Flyme style icon.

Set up

  • Accessibility: Accessibility to increase accessibility options.
  • Developer Options: Movie options increase 0.75x options.
  • Quick switch: quick switch management new driving auxiliary switch.
  • Optimization: Refresh Utility Page.
  • Optimization: checked by default, all local backup backup entry.
  • Optimization: increase local backup lunar date and contact ringtone backup and recovery.
  • Optimization: Adjust Wi-Fi details page.


  • Read Share: click on the search results without having to jump, to provide an immersive reading experience, and support the sharing of.
  • Travel Card: Smart card parse messages and generate schedules, provide weather alerts, departure reminders, a key navigation and other travel services.
  • Events: Add an event card from time to time to provide various benefits.


  • Word graph matching: a new local music lyrics cover function key match.
  • Fix: Even now account name is inconsistent with the system account under Wi-Fi environment.


  • Self folder: Self-new independent gallery folder.
  • Crop: Crop Pages visual optimization.

App Store

  • Optimization: Adding related recommendations when installing the application selection page.
  • Optimization: There are benefits to increase welfare application details page entry.


  • Scan code: new camera scan code mode, support for the two-dimensional code and bar code scanning.


  • Optimization: Reader add “more” and “Add to bookshelf” button.
  • Optimization: Book details page Click on the book cover to start reading books.
  • Optimization: improve the accuracy of books Gets the name of the local import books.


  • Optimization: When editing the alarm, the ringing tones, and online entry prompt entries increase subscript.

Mobile butler

  • FIX: Setting leisure traffic after time status bar displays “remaining flow” rather than “remaining leisure traffic”.

Lock screen

  • Optimization: charging animation and text prompts the lock screen charging problem of overlapping.
  • Optimization: adjust the fingerprint error reminder.
  • Optimization: Adjust the screen lock interface animation effects on the operation.
  • Optimization: When the display lock screen music cover, the bottom does not display the unlock prompt.
  • FIX: When the lock screen music player, there is no 12-hour time display AM or PM.

Notification bar

  • Optimization: Adjustment Notification Center on the operation of the animation.
  • Optimization: notification bar and status bar icon mute unity.
  • FIX: momentary switch data traffic, real-time network show abnormal rate.


  • FIX: Click all closed sporadic progress bar Caton.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

Meizu MX4 Pro

@alex_spanish_guy said in Flyme OS test firmware (MX4 Pro):


No it’s A Firmware just Chinese and English

Thanks!!! Please, could you tell me the last beta multilingual firmware?? Please??


little advice for everyone… i noticed for about 4-6 last firmwares a glitch… after you booted up after upgrade… just go for one more reboot. Your device could be work better than without a second restart… for example after this upgrade i wasnt able to enter pin of my simcard… cause it was all white… and barely had 3g… after restart all was normal. can navigate phone and got full 4g…

It would be great to know the last multilingual firmware…

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Meizu MX4 Pro

@alex_spanish_guy said in Flyme OS test firmware (MX4 Pro):

It would be great to know the last multilingual firmware…

The last is

I installed 😯😯😯

Meizu MX4 Pro

@alex_spanish_guy said in Flyme OS test firmware (MX4 Pro):

I installed 😯😯😯

Ok. This Beta is from 12.April
The is the Stable from 01.June
You can wait for the Next Global Beta or go to Stable i think the next Stable comes on 01.July

So far I noticed that the battery drains faster than and overheating is the same when playing a game, it heats in 2-3 mins.


100% agreed, it is something that should be good practice all the time whichever phone and firmware you flash, the reboot always settles things, i also leave it for a few minutes to ‘settle’ so to speak , great advice !

Meizu MX4 Pro

Lost a lot of icons while being listed by Titanium and other apps…
very strange, as Nova Launcher still retains

Cool, they finally put the qr scanner back to the camera app.
Battery holds well however, for the first time I got a spontaneous reboot.

I think I have the best battery life results with this version. I removed appstore and cloud backup service apps with system app remover, because they drain like %12 of total usage last time. Now phone almost drains none while screen-off and that’s what matters, thus this monstrous screen drains it all while screen-on. I never seen 5 hours of screen time with this phone. Here is the screenshot, while brightness at middle, WiFi and heavy gaming. I will update this post in end of the day(0_1465737088044_S60612-161019.jpg 0_1465737556409_S60612-161456.jpg 0_1465737581526_S60612-161458.jpg

Here is all day results, with heavy gaming

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