Flyme OS test firmware (m2)

Set up

  • Optimization: checked by default, all local backup backup entry.


  • Read Share: click on the search results without having to jump, to provide an immersive reading experience, and support the sharing of.


  • Optimization: When editing the alarm, the ringing tones, and online entry prompt entries increase subscript.

Lock screen

  • Optimization: Adjust the screen lock interface animation effects on the operation.
  • Optimization: charging animation and text prompts the lock screen charging problem of overlapping.
  • FIX: momentary switch data traffic, real-time network show abnormal rate.

Notification bar

  • Optimization: Adjustment Notification Center on the operation of the animation.


  • FIX: Click all closed sporadic progress bar Caton.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

Is this YunOs based version?

Can i run letest facebook and messenger app in this OS?

Messenger has worked partialy, there is bug that chat heads are not visible on home screen. Also, in other apps that have floating screens didnt worked, like google translate, it has option for translating words in floating window. In every Yunos versions that I have tried this didnt worked. In G version all those functions are working well.

I’m on FlyMe beta. I would like to install 5.1.6.OG.
How to root?
In the settings of FlyMe account, the option is not here.
An idea?
Thank you

@pedjakis what you need to do is go into security -> permissions -> App management and find messenger. Then enable pop up permission. Chat heads would work fine then.

I tried and then reverted to as I found that it has lesser bugs. I kinda like Yun OS. Don’t see what’s the fuss about.

@Utkarsh-Phirke thanx, I didnt know about that pop up permisions in security center will “fix” cheat heads and other floating stuff. Hmm, Im using flyme from december last year, and Im still learning how to use it :)
i agree with U about YunOs, I have been using it from first version and I was very surprised how well it worked.

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