MX4 Bricked.

Hi everybody,

I have been the proud owner of a Meizu MX4 (A) for almost 2 years. Until a few days ago when the last update was installed. Now, everything was fine: the phone installed, rebooted, and ta-da! But then I went to settings to check what version was installed out of pure curiosity and I found out there was still a request of upgrade. So i pressed the Download button, the phone downloaded, rebooted and got stuck forever at Meizu Logo. Tried to clear data, to push from pc but nothing happened. The phone doesn’t get recognised anymore by the computer. I tried to reinstall the drivers and still nothing.



Q.: My phone is not booting anymore or does not get past the Meizu bootscreen.
A.: (if you encounter any corruption errors or other boot errors tick ‘‘clear data’’ too)
1.Download an original/compatible (on your pc).
2.Shut down your phone and…start up in recovery mode (how to see below ->)
(press and hold! the volume up button and then the power button. Hold them both until you see the Meizu logo).
3.Now connect your phone to a pc and it should recognize it as ‘recovery’ drive.
4.Copy and paste the (downloaded) to the ‘recovery’ drive on your pc.
5.If done tap ‘system update’ and click the blue colored ‘start’.
x. Your phone should reboot.

Try in recovery, usually this is the only one firmware allows me downgrade from any other firmware version

Yup, all already done. Tick “Clear data”, restart and press Volume up + Power, It gets to the usual screen where it gives you the two options “System upgrade” or “Clear data”. The computer doesn’t recognize the phone.


Changed the cable and the port and it worked.

After one week of trying everything it was just a matter of stupid cable (that still works perfectly btw) and port.

I hate myself.

Thank you all.

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@thecliffhanger I did it but to me it says firmware not found !

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