meizu metal bricked

Please help me guys my phone is completely dead. I updated to the latest OS few days ago. Not long after that i noticed my phone will freez up and shutdown or reboot. Just last night i was watching a movie and a call came in, i tried answering the call and my phone froze and was vibrating vigorously. I forced it to shut down, and tries to turn back on but it wouldnt budge. I connected a usb cable and plugges into my PC. It came on for a couple of seconds and shutdown again. Eversince it wouldnt come on no matter what i try. Please help, ive only just got this phone.

Hey Bluepearls,

This certainly doesn’t sound good. One thing you could try is manually downgrading the handset to the pervious OS version: Flyme First you’ll need to download the ROM from Make sure you download the Stable Version.

Then put the phone into Recovery Mode by holding “Volume Up + Power”. When the handset is in Recovery Mode you can connect it to your PC and the Recovery Partition will show up in Windows Explorer.

Copy the to the Root of the handset and select System Upgrade from the Recovery menu on the handset.

If that still fails, try clearing data during the update.

This process is described here:
Use Google Translate to translate to your relevant language. Click on “Problems and Solutions” on the bottom left to see the instructions for a Manual Upgrade/Downgrade.

Good luck!

if it got recognized by the pc even for a bit there is still hope, just don’t panic.
did u drop it/dropped it in water or something before?
try letting it charge for some time. if not then try recovery mode by vol up + power button .
if u can, try other usb ports from ur pc and see if anything changes. also i recommend uninstalling the phone drivers from pc to force it to reinstall the drivers, maybe it’ll see the phone then

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