Meizu M3 note firmware globel

I got my Meizu M3 note, a few days ago, and got problem with FlyMe kontone min Did I did not get data from my MX. Find when out that global version does not have this, Enters FlyMe OS stack (m3 note) but this has too much custom for china Works not so good in Norway, but I can not find Globel version that was in my M3 note when I got this. Can someone help me?


Please post in the correct section, otherwise your questions might get ignored by other members.

About your question. As of now there is no global firmware as they didn’t start to sell it to overseas markets yet.
As soon as the global firmware will be available we will mirror it of course.


Not a fake, but also not official either. Wait till the global firmwares becomes available for the public.

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