MX5 Quick Charging capability

HI , I’m interested to buy this phone, but i’m curious about the fast charge technology (mCharge) on this phone. Does the quick charge is good? How is your experience with the quick charge? Is it fast enough? How much percent can you get in 30min & 60 min?

I’ve trying googling about this MX5 charging time but find no good info, even in this forum i also don’t found about this phone quick charging capability.

Thanks in advance. :)

Mine charges very quickly. if i forget to charge it at night and i plug it in i usually get 40% in 30 minutes . Should be fully charged in one hour ~ .
make sure u have a 5v 2A charger ( the official meizu charger works well - i use mine with an EU adaptor)


@l3ech It’s pump express.

All Meizu does is rename it to mCharge.

Link for more info:

@SeaMoose Thanks for give input
@Ultrametric Yes, it’s PumpExpress cause it’s Mediatek, but what i meant is how good it really is ?

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