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The problem with recent apps is when I type fast I sometimes swipe a little and it brings up recent apps. Is there a way to disable recent apps when keyboard is on, or delay swipe? Or can we change gesture or even disable it for good ( there are tons of apps that allow recent apps on software buttons ) ? Thank you ! I am on new stable flyme5 ( if you saw this thread in m2 note, I posted it in wrong section by mistake )


Sadly not. I ran into this issue too somewhile ago, but found no other fix then being more careful while typing, which is indeed annoying.

P.S.: If you have posted in a wrong section just do @Admin or @Rey and I will move it.

Well if we maybe root the phone, is there a possibility that somewhere in system files we could remove that option or disable some line of code ? ( thank you for wrong section, will do it next time )


@Svemocni-Zec thats not possible, due to 2 reasons:

  1. The gesture is not just an app, it is rather coded into the Flyme framework, which leds us to point 2.
  2. The code is hardcoded, which means it is not human readable. It is not possible to decompile it either (I tried that). Sadly Meizu provides no source code for Flyme as well.

@Svemocni-Zec the only way it’s gonna be changed is if meizu decides to add a navigation bar ( back, home, recent apps ) but i highly doubt that’s going to happen.
maybe try a taller keyboard? try flesky from google playstore and play with it.

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