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Meizu m2

I bought my meizu m2 model M578H WITH os 4.5.3I
Generally this phone is totally a new experience to me of its UI and more.where can i check whether any update to lolipop comes to my phone? I know no updates still exit.But i just wanted to know it!.And why all kind of new flyme updates are not shown on update flyme option?why there is no direct download from phone itself?.Can i know any new version update from 4.5.3I?

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@Adarsh-M the m2 is a quite old device actually. Furthermore there are several upgrades available like the recently released
I would suggest that you check our Wiki for this and visit the firmware subforum for the m2, where we have got ALL firmwares available for it.

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Meizu m2

Is it official updates available here?what are the difference to these g y and i firmwares? Which is the best?Is there any way to back up my orginal firmware for later downgrades?How can i check if a new upgrade from lolipop?no direct updateS?


@Adarsh-M yes, we only do provide official firmwares here. The only thing we do is to download and upload them on our server systems, which do not sit behind the GFW. Please check our Wiki article as it covers a majority of your questions.

About backups:
You can sync your apps to the Flyme Cloud, but this is extremely slow. As images and other stuff stored on the storage won’t get ereased when you perform an upgrade/downgrade (even if you clear data), you can use a 3rd party app from the Play Store to backup the APK’s of your apps, which might be faster than downloading them again.

Android 6.0 firmwares are not available yet, if there is a release we will post it of course.

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