Not able use google plAYSTORE PLS HELP in M3 note

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just got my mobile delivered Not able use google plAYSTORE in meizu m3 note.
PLS HELP as soon as possible

I am also facing the same Problem Please help us I am getting like this0_1465237270184_S60606-213536.jpg

Can any one please help us in these unable to install apps and use this phone


If you want help you should take the time to post it into the right section and give a proper description of the issue.

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Please add:

  • Firmware version
    • If A firmware did you used Google Installer?

i have received M3 Note yesterday. And i am also facing the same problem. I am not able to login in google play store. Please help me

insert sim before use play store

@Rey how to overcome this problem

hey i really need help i bought tje meizu m3 note yesterday i used to have m2 note so when i open my play store i couldnt sugn in so i did i new frimware to get the meizu app store after i got google install when i pressed install in the app the app just stock at google framework at 5% i tried to restart the phone but the same problem.
Any help.😌!0_1472623179236_S60831-085922.jpg

Meizu Pro 5

It probably doesn’t stop, just a need a few more minutes to complete

first thanks for your fast reply second i put it all the night and i still the same!

Make sure to be connected to a MOBILE network , this means : Have a sim installed. Otherwise you won’t be able to login to playstore.
You can try to hard reset the phone and see if the installing proces starts over , keeps hanging or stops.

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