Thinking of changing my PRO 5

Yeah guys, you have read that well, I’m really thinking of changing my PRO 5 to a Nexus 6P

Well, the PRO 5 is not a bad phone at all, is a great piece of hardware but with a really badly implemented software
For a person that doesn’t really get too in-depth on Android it might be alright, but for me, a person who came from a LG G2 which have a ton of developers behind it and so many custom ROMs that I could be changing my ROM and Kernel almost everyday. This phone doesn’t meet my requierements+

The Russian community gave me some hope by releasing the ‘Ultimate Kernel’ but it ended up not being all that great and since CM12.1 was also ‘failure’ my only last hope is Android MM but I just don’t know If I want to continue using it

Without mentioning all the problems with the notifications, bloatware, etc

What I’m going to do is go to my nearby’s secondhand store and see how much does they give me for the phone or try to exchange it for an used Nexus 6P + some cash

Let me know what you guys think

@Asiier Why dont you like the CM12.1 ? Also you can wait until next month for CM13 !

@lolakis13 Is not that I don’t line CM12, is just that is not well done (for this device)
If I bought the PRO 5 it was because the fingerprint sensor (one of the reasons) and with CM12 I cannot use it, as well as the physical buttons
Moreover, I have talked a lot with the developer and he told me that he is not sure If new versions will be coming up

Without forgetting that is IMPOSIBLE to install V4A on this device

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@Asiier that are bad news but I believe an d I want so that there will be an newer version! Also I have mx4 so I have not that problems!

I will never ever buy an meizu again: nice hardware, but software / integration (root/bootloader/flyme…) is trash… never ever!!

@borisku I agree with you. unless you doesn’t mind that, Meizu devices are not 100% recommended

I was LITERALLY just earlier today looking at Nexus 6Ps thinking of switching too!

I agree with you on all your points 100%, man. Such a shame because even by today’s standards the PRO 5 is an EXCELLENT bit of hardware. Such a shame the Flyme team are nearly totally incompetent with their implementation.

I have a very serious decision to make in the next day or so. I was going to treat myself to a new 4k TV but I also want a new phone… what to do, man? What to do?!

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@ShadowOfDeth I’ll go for the phone as I don’t watch the TV that often and If I do, I already have a pretty nice 54" FullHD TV

I like to game a fair bit after work and a few hours on the weekend so a great TV is what I want but after some searching I MIGHT be able to get both!

If I go for a cheaper TV I can probably get both. The Nexus 6P is £380 from Google Play and the TV is only £550…

@ShadowOfDeth That TV looks really good, Is funny how that TV is better than the one I currently have, but it costs half of the price of mine when I bought it

If I were you I’d try to get both the TV and the Nexus 6P

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Btw, If someone is interested in buying it just PM me

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