Bit confused with updating

I’ve had my m2 note a while now and for the most part it does the job perfectly. I do have to restart it or use an app to free memory every so often though as it gets quite slow.

I’ve just had an issue that after a restart my contacts all disappeared. I’ve tried syncing with gmail but it won’t add them (I can login to gmail on the computer and see them all).

So I figured it might be time to update the ROM.

I got the phone from Gearbest and it had all the Chinese apps on and I had to install google play etc (So I think that means it was on an A rom?)

I had to go through a bit of a procedure to swap to an I rom. It is currently on: 4.5.4I

When I look at the update App on the phone it offers me an upgrade to

Do I need to go through every update or can I manually get round this to update straight to a newer ROM?

What is the best version to go for?


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Well I tried downloading the latest ROM - but it just says “Firmware Corrupt” when I try to upgrade to it.

Tried downloading 6 times now - same result each time.

I have now tried the OTA upgrade too, and that also says “Firmware corrupt”

Is this because my phone was originally an A rom phone?

Have changed the chid to the international version now and it looks to be doing something. Fingers crossed I’m doing it right!

Have managed to upgrade to the latest version and all looks good

However the contacts still aren’t syncing with google.

For some reason I have 7 contacts in the phone. However there are hundreds in gmail.

Any ideas why it won’t sync?

Forget that,

Contacts has now suddenly populated.

I’m happy now!

Thanks for all the help.

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