Easy method for root your MX5

Enable install apps from unknown sources:
Settings\Fingerprint and security\Unknown sources

If Global firmware download The user center apk file 5.7.0 and install:

Create a flyme account :

Login with your account in the user center app.

Then go to Settings\Fingerprint and security\Root permission

You are !

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@alexisnouchi said in Easy method for root your MX5:

Settings\Fingerprint and security\Unknown sources

Unfortunately this doesn’t work because “Unknown sources” is hidden and cannot be activated.
With that, installing the apk results in “application not installed” message.

It’s not working. Error - Server Inaccessible.

Can any one help? Even Kingroot & other rooting applications not working!

Upgrade to the last firmware

@alexisnouchi i have already upgraded to latest stable release and i am unable to root!

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