problem Android Wear with Meizu M2 Note

I have Meizu M2 Note.
LG Watch Urbane
Not fully sync with the system, only some of the notifications is working, but the rest never synchronization features do not work.
I tried all the solutions and yet do not work.
Of course a good time, I tried with the device: Nexux 5 It works nicely, but with the device: M2 Note Very bad

Please Help


To be honest I do not think so. This issue can most likely only be resolved by a new firmware.

However, 2 questions:

  1. Did it worked before (different firmware)?
  2. What do you mean with the synching? Is it that you receive notifications lately or only when you open the specific app up?

hi. i have similar problem, with china band ID 107 HR. Sync with app Veryfit works fine - heart pulse, sleep mode… everything ok.
Band also provide call, message notification, but them not works, cause i’m not able pair with phone. when pairing, a few seconds appears “pairing”, than “pin code or acess key is invalid”.
m2 note is on 5.1.6G, band newest firmware also.
thanks for advice

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