calibration ? help? video included

i will let the video speak for my problem
basically i cannot use the phone on a table without rotating landscape mode

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ok so i think i know why the calibration always fails
my device instead of 0 on the X axis it is showing -4
and the calibration tool is probably made to be calibrating the device +/- 1 point
so basically when i put it on flat surface and press calibrate it needs to correct 4 points which is a lot and thats why it always fails
so the closest that i can calibrate on the X is -3

now i am thinking of running some logging program that when i press calibrate it is going to log which file is modified so i can probably change the values manually from there

on the meizu mx2 this can be changed from sys / class / accelerometer / acc / calib_value
but i couldnt fiind that file but maybe it should be somewhere there

suggestions ?

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i think i found the file responsible for the calibration posibbly acceleration and gyro sensor
just cannot understand the values inside there are so many numbers :)


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