Problem google play: retrieving information from server [DF-DLA-15]

I have Meizu M2 Note.
i re-install the new version:
Now, unfortunately, error appears: retrieving information from server [DF-DLA-15]
I tried all the solutions presented here in the forum, but did not have any benefit.
I ask you to help me.

Hello Meizu Fans!

New Firmware, new trouble… I have the same issue as the iAyoub.

My system destroyed itself after “battery empty without shutdown” so I had to start from scratch with When I now install Google Installer over the meizu app store I get the same error as iAyoub.

Tried everything I could find… this fixxers thing did not work out!
@ Dimitrive: this link helped you ?? or did you just google it and posted it here without having a clue?

Thanks in advance for your help.



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Tanks for the reply…
What action did help? I tried all 5 and nothing helped…


tried, tried, tried, tried, tried…
Deletet my payment data and restored it again, rebootet 30 times, deletet caches, again and again, uninstalled and installed play over and over again and finally
It worked … thanks guys!

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