USB board issue?


my MX4 PRO suddenly stopped being recognized by any computer (linux, windows or mac) whatever the transfer mode I choose (mtp, ptp, virtual cd-rom…). Even the debug mode don’t solve this. OTG don’t work anymore also. I don’t have any error message. Nothing just happens.
USB charging is ok if I plug the phone to a computer usb port or to the wall charger.
I tried several cables, wiped user data, formated sd-card and even reflashed the rom (Flyme 4.5.7I and Flyme, removed and replaced the battery…
Did someone encountered the same issue?
I’m thinking about a hardware failure. I found a replacement USB board for about $5 US. Do I have any chance to recover the usb data transfer functionality if I replace that board?
Many thanks

well after having replaced the USB board, my MX4 pro is back to normal.

Glad to hear dude…
Anyway you could transfer your data via ftp wifi with ES Explorer app (and many others) ;)

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