How to install Google Play Store in M3 Note with Flyme OS version Chinese Firmware

I try to install Google Play Store with Google Installer via Meizu App Store but it isn’t work for me.

I can’t sign in Google Account and Google Play Services alert me to update new version for working. I try to load the new version of Google Play Services from apk mirror but it still didn’t work.

I will ask someone that is successful to install Google Play in Meizu M3 Note, please guide me how to install Google Play Store in Meizu M3 Note.

Or you attach link Meizu M3 Note Global Firmware that include Google Play Services.



How did you installed the Play Services? Did you used the Google Installer?

I try to install Google apps with above method but I can’t signin Google account to use Google Play Store.

Did you success to install Google Apps in M3 Note? Please advice me.

Still the same… can’t log on to Google. account: " there was a problem communicaitng with Google servers. Try again later.".

Does someone have any solution?

go to settings
clear data of all google apps(like frameworks? )
and try again

I got this phone today I’ve done every google installer it worked but I was not allowed to download apps from playstore for some apps it’s showing error and try troubleshooting and for some please login to your Google account I’ve done troubleshooting but it didn’t worked


@shaun321 thats normal, do what @Ali-ZOBAR suggested. This will fix it.

Be sure to clear Play Store AND Play Services data and cache.

I’ve cleared cache and even data for both playstore and play services but when I try to download app there comes in the notification authentication required

Facing same problem of “coudnt sign in” pls suggest somthing !! I tried almost everything !! I just bought this phone today n facing d wrost problem


Try to remove the Google account from the Settings first, then clear the data of Play Store and Play Service and reboot.
Now relogin and try again.

sames problem,
But it solve when i insert the SIM to the phone & connect to the network & disconnect WIFI.
The google manage to sign in…

But depend on the SIM, try few operators, only 1 SIM with 128K label able to use in SIM1 slot and the 4G network connected. Then only the google able to sign in.

I have tried everything that u are suggesting to login in playstore but I have failed to login
Pls assist

guys I am facing the same issue…I am not able to use google play store as it needs me to create account…so i tried creating the account but couldn’t as i saw that meizu is selling this device with older version of google play services…then i downloaded the latest version my apk mirror with -238 extension as which is valid for our phone…5.01 android version…480ppi…+armv7a…can check by installing syteminfo checj

yrrrrr meizu has done a joke with its users… i am using meizu mx5 here in india…i have used almost all versions of flyme os including global, chinease and indian firmware…play store doesn’t download anything…only waiting waiting waiting… and failed in the end… worst experience…!

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