Soft-Bricked Device

I wanted to Flash Flyme 5 on my Meizu M2 note, but now it’s stuck on Meizu Logo, and it’s bootlooping… I can access Fastboot Mode and System upgrade… Can anyone help me, please?

i cant understand how am i supposed to update my phone. Am i supposed to paste the on the recovery file that i see when i connect the device to my pc, or do i have to paste it on the SD card? I dont really know a lot about mobile phones, yet, i’m still experimenting… :grinning:


Well, our Wiki covers a little how to for unbricking (exiting the bootloop and upgrading the device).
The system upgrade is the recovery by the way. All you need to do is to connect your phone to your PC and put the onto the recovery partition and then redo the upgrade with wiping user data.

thank you, i’ve tried so many update files, but i always get corrupt firmware, and i ask myself, how dumb do i have to be, cause i read a lot of forums but cant figure it out myself ;D

so, what version is the best for me to try?


@xToOToXiC it depends on your device. I assume you live in the EU and bought it from a local retailer, right?

i live in EU and i bought it from… another question… do i have to unplug my device from my PC in order to start updating? as i said i dont know a lot…


@xToOToXiC try using an A firmware, just to be sure and nope, it is not needed to unplug the device.

thank you a lot :D,. this solved the problem (i think)… for some reason i had to rename the update (2).zip to in order for this to work… again thank you a lot and keep helping this community :D


@xToOToXiC sure you are welcome.
And yeah, you really need to name it as this is the only file the recovery looks for, but I think you now know it better anyway :)

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