Flyme OS stable (m2)


  • Optimization: update the underlying Unicode, show more support for emoji expression.

Set up

  • Quick switch management: notification and status bar add “quick switch management,” adding VPN, screenshots, mobile hotspot switch.
  • Energy management: energy management optimization statistics program.
  • Network security: Adjust Wi-Fi details page interface, increasing the Wi-Fi network security testing, to stay safe online.
  • Dual card Ringtones: support for dual card set different ringtones.
  • Optimization: Adjust system volume of the “notification sound” and “Sound System” icon.
  • Optimization: Optimization of the default application settings logic.

Mobile butler

  • USB Installation Management: Rights Management add “USB Installation Management”, to prevent the connection after the computer automatically install applications.
  • Similar photos: slim new phone similar photos cleanup capabilities to help reduce the space occupied.
  • Optimization: Optimization of standby power management logic judgment.
  • Optimization: Close the notification bar too alert.


  • Books: Books Group access to read text resources.
  • Power display: add “read screen displays the time and power” switch.
  • Page settings: full-screen page settings and increase the volume key to turn the switch.
  • Integral Center: tasking capabilities increase, the central access points.
  • Share: Book excerpt selected to increase sharing.
  • Topic: New retro eye and two themes.
  • Search: Search for new keyword association, hot words, and search history.
  • Notification: New chapter serial update notification switch.
  • Font: Font size adjustment increased Reader 12.
  • Sync: Cloud sync support reading progress.


  • Resources: rich video resource library, massive heart to see the video.
  • Member Services: Member Services on the line, to provide film library membership and privileges such as free advertising.
  • Personal Center: Optimizing Personal Center Interface.
  • Optimization: Optimization Comments Show mechanism.


  • Search the entire network: new network-wide search, search listen all songs.
  • Lyrics Status Bar: The status bar add lyrics display and switch.
  • Lock screen music: Add music lock screen switch.
  • Set a ringtone: set directly support local music being played as ringtones.
  • Optimization: an increase in the notification bar and music collection buttons, supports pinch to adjust the size of the playback controls.
  • Optimization: Full Scan default filter out the audio file.


  • Optimization: Yellow contact details page address increased project support by calling the map to navigate.

File Management

  • Presentation: Optimizing document classification, according to all the files, office documents, e-books Display category.
  • Archive: compression optimized packet classification, direct file list.


  • Crop: Crop optimization function library experience.
  • Optimization: Continuous management interface to modify the Delete button bomb box copy and interaction.
  • Optimization: Add “Burst Snapshot” photo album.
  • Optimization: The Big Picture browsing interface to white background.
  • Optimization: Optimize camera jumps to the Gallery loading speed.

App Store

  • Welfare: new users welfare centers, all kinds of promotions clean sweep.

Desktop Cloud Backup

  • New: Desktop Cloud Backup supports long press delete backup records.


  • Optimization: Optimize camera processes, improve speed camera.
  • Optimization: The flash is changed to off by default, without memory.
  • Fix: Now click on the shutter can not even take pictures.
  • FIX: shoot slow motion video or click the thumbnail view, the results can not be loaded after repeated several times.
  • FIX: Click thumbnails to view the photo after taking a blurry.


  • New: Added “content recommendation message” switch.


  • Optimization: Adjust the size of desktop icons, icon display optimization.
  • Optimization: When editing the folder title cursor color dynamically adjusted based on the color of wallpaper.
  • Optimization: Adjustment notification bar icon size Bluetooth keyboard.

Lock screen

  • Optimization: Optimization lock screen text color algorithm.
  • Optimization: Expand lock screen camera hit area.
  • FIX: lock screen video playback and bright screen to bring up the music player, press the power button lock screen music pauses.


  • Sort optimization application sharing when: Optimization.
  • Optimization: adjusting message page night mode display.


  • Invitations: invited support in the form of picture sharing, optimize guests typing experience.
  • Setting: Close support display past events and denial events.
  • Notification: Add a calendar notification reminder switch.
  • Optimization: Optimization Home Calendar invitation list view, “reject” add underlined, “Pending” gray set.

Audio frequency

  • FIX: system or third-party applications tones break the sound.


  • Optimization: Optimization messages about the slide switch function, support with hand operation.

Flyme OS
Flyme OS

Flyme OS
Flyme OS

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So, M2 is not getting update based on Android version once again.

What tha… why there is still no G version of Flyme 5 for M2?
Meizu is so annoying…
They said, it will be today, but instead, they’ve just released stupid Y version.

@Namek Can you upload it to mega or something like that? I’ve problem downloading from this link


@Namek thanks for the info!

@ElladanMRK, just give me 5 minutes and you can make us of an unmetered 10Gbits network.

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@Rey do i have to first downgrade it to 4.5.4 Global or can i Upgrade it even with this YunOs?

Edited post:

ANSWER: Yes, you can upgrade it with YunOs. I just upgraded it. :)

Does anyone else get these redish lines down the screen? Maybe someone knows how to fix it? Have had that problem since 4.5.4

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Go to display settings and then set the color temperature towards the cool side until the red bars disappear. Keeping it neutral doesn’t work. Reboot and then if the cooler colors bother you too much you can set it just away from neutral towards cool. Hope this helps.

Also, the G version is not YunOS based, right?

@Utkarsh-Phirke Nothing in here says it’s YunOs… Android vesrion 5.1 , Flyme


@4D1L interesting. But it also could be that Meizu has just edited the build.prop so that overseas customers aren’t confused.

@Rey also, when it was rebooting there wasnt a sing of “YunOS” which there was in beta… I dont know actually. Otherwise good.

They didnt just changed build prop, this is Android based version, Before I have installed G version, I have installed and tested Y one. Y had all those bugs that were present from early betas, and G version have non of them. Everything is working like it should. There is no delay in notifications even that my Security app is running (before, I always had to freez up Security for notifications bug). I have rooted it with KingoRoot, Syncing with google is fine, all “Floating” apps (facebook messenger, google translate, Floatify, ect) are working fine. Before in Y version, I have always hade that bug where floating window or chat heads are not working… Now they are. Im so happy that this version has finaly come to us.

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no Croatian,Slovenian only Serbian cirilyc epic fail from Meizu

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The G version is amazing, so fast and stable!
Also very good UI with nice themes on the “market”

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