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  • Flyme OS stable (MX5)


    • Optimization: update the underlying Unicode, show more support for emoji expression.

    Set up

    • Quick switch management: notification and status bar add “quick switch management,” adding VPN, screenshots, mobile hotspot switch.
    • Energy management: energy management optimization statistics program.
    • Network security: Adjust Wi-Fi details page interface, increasing the Wi-Fi network security testing, to stay safe online.
    • Dual card Ringtones: support for dual card set different ringtones.
    • Optimization: Adjust system volume of the “notification sound” and “Sound System” icon.
    • Optimization: Optimization of the default application settings logic.

    Mobile butler

    • USB Installation Management: Rights Management add “USB Installation Management”, to prevent the connection after the computer automatically install applications.
    • Similar photos: slim new phone similar photos cleanup capabilities to help reduce the space occupied.
    • Optimization: Optimization of standby power management logic judgment.
    • Optimization: Close the notification bar too alert.


    • Books: Books Group access to read text resources.
    • Power display: add “read screen displays the time and power” switch.
    • Page settings: full-screen page settings and increase the volume key to turn the switch.
    • Integral Center: tasking capabilities increase, the central access points.
    • Share: Book excerpt selected to increase sharing.
    • Topic: New retro eye and two themes.
    • Search: Search for new keyword association, hot words, and search history.
    • Notification: New chapter serial update notification switch.
    • Font: Font size adjustment increased Reader 12.
    • Sync: Cloud sync support reading progress.


    • Resources: rich video resource library, massive heart to see the video.
    • Member Services: Member Services on the line, to provide film library membership and privileges such as free advertising.
    • Personal Center: Optimizing Personal Center Interface.
    • Optimization: Optimization Comments Show mechanism.


    • Search the entire network: new network-wide search, search listen all songs.
    • Lyrics Status Bar: The status bar add lyrics display and switch.
    • Lock screen music: Add music lock screen switch.
    • Set a ringtone: set directly support local music being played as ringtones.
    • Optimization: an increase in the notification bar and music collection buttons, supports pinch to adjust the size of the playback controls.
    • Optimization: Full Scan default filter out the audio file.


    • Optimization: Yellow contact details page address increased project support by calling the map to navigate.

    File Management

    • Presentation: Optimizing document classification, according to all the files, office documents, e-books Display category.
    • Archive: compression optimized packet classification, direct file list.


    • Crop: Crop optimization function library experience.
    • Optimization: Continuous management interface to modify the Delete button bomb box copy and interaction.
    • Optimization: Add “Burst Snapshot” photo album.
    • Optimization: The Big Picture browsing interface to white background.
    • Optimization: Optimize camera jumps to the Gallery loading speed.

    App Store

    • Welfare: new users welfare centers, all kinds of promotions clean sweep.

    Desktop Cloud Backup

    • New: Desktop Cloud Backup supports long press delete backup records.


    • Optimization: Optimize camera processes, improve speed camera.
    • Optimization: The flash is changed to off by default, without memory.
    • Fix: Now click on the shutter can not even take pictures.
    • FIX: shoot slow motion video or click the thumbnail view, the results can not be loaded after repeated several times.
    • FIX: Click thumbnails to view the photo after taking a blurry.


    • New: Added “content recommendation message” switch.


    • Optimization: Adjust the size of desktop icons, icon display optimization.
    • Optimization: When editing the folder title cursor color dynamically adjusted based on the color of wallpaper.
    • Optimization: Adjustment notification bar icon size Bluetooth keyboard.

    Lock screen

    • Optimization: Optimization lock screen text color algorithm.
    • Optimization: Expand lock screen camera hit area.
    • FIX: lock screen video playback and bright screen to bring up the music player, press the power button lock screen music pauses.


    • Sort optimization application sharing when: Optimization.
    • Optimization: adjusting message page night mode display.


    • Invitations: invited support in the form of picture sharing, optimize guests typing experience.
    • Setting: Close support display past events and denial events.
    • Notification: Add a calendar notification reminder switch.
    • Optimization: Optimization Home Calendar invitation list view, “reject” add underlined, “Pending” gray set.

    Audio frequency

    • FIX: system or third-party applications tones break the sound.


    • Optimization: Optimization messages about the slide switch function, support with hand operation.

    Flyme OS
    Flyme OS

    Flyme OS
    Flyme OS

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  • Why i can’t log in my flyme account on version 5.1.5 0g i don’t have that problem… I try to set root permision and when i type my password say can acess the server… Sorry for my bad english

  • @darkojuve there seems to be an issue with the server. If you need root try using Kingroot.

    Meizufans on Facebook
    Meizufans on Twitter
    Meizufans on Google+

  • @Rey I try kingroot but don’t work thanks for info i wait for next update or to some fix for this problem.

  • Works only by user center logging to root

  • Can login to flyme account but can’t do root permission.
    (Error access server)

  • Optimization: Optimization of the default application settings logic.
    Its really bad… I can’t now use YouTube, Twitch, Store and other Apps by default… Everything is now opening with Default Browser…

  • Hello… Can someone know why the app barcode scanner dont see any product??? Thanks

  • I can logging in to User Center 0_1464930130847_S60603-115838.jpg but can’t root because “error accessing server”.0_1464930152089_S60603-081029.jpg

  • I have same problem too. how do we resolve this problem. any idea ???

  • Try logging by site and try later on mobile

  • Multi window support for more apps, finaly…

  • Finally i can choice different ringtones for sim1 and sim2

  • aftrer update, why always restarting??

  • @Jaroslav-Matúš The same problem…

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