Rooting latest flyme 5 G stable version

If I currently have root, will it stay after the upgrade?

And if not, is it the same to root it again?

I can’t login to my flyme account (I’m on flyme 4 now) so I fear that I if I upgrade I might be left without root…


@yamashiro you will lose root each time you flash a rom, no matter how.
But yes, the rooting procedure will always remain the same.

If you want to go for Flyme 5 though, you should definitely wipe user data. Please make a backup of your apps before doing so.

I see I still can’t get into the flyme account, so rooting through it won’t be possible…

So how do you root on flyme 5?

You can try this method, it worked for me. how-to-root-flyme-os-5-1-6-0g

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