Flyme OS stable (Pro 6)


  • Optimization: improve system stability.
  • Optimization: GPU frequency to enhance the high-performance mode.
  • Optimization: Optimization felt the effect appears to repair part of the machine vibration and noise problems.
  • Optimization: Bluetooth is turned on after reducing standby power consumption.
  • FIX: Unable to wake up after hibernation sporadic standby.
  • Repair: Alarm rings set in advance.
  • FIX: will Caton after prolonged QQ voice or video call.
  • FIX: Unrecognized V sign gesture wake.


  • Optimization: Adjust flash strategy, optimization ring flash effect.
  • Optimization: enhancing the stability of the camera.


  • Repair: Some scenes even now Wi-Fi connection disruptions.


  • Optimization: Adjust the bottom line of the display, select the bottom bar on the calendar to increase the suspension button and button at the bottom.
  • Optimization: Modify LaoHuangLi acquisition mode.
  • FIX: 2019 No problem Ching Ming Festival.
  • FIX: New event repeat cycle display incorrect.


  • Repair: Wi-Fi environment, choose to play the video but suggested that traffic is being used to play.
  • FIX: enter the online video details page video playback, video applications probabilistic flash back.
  • FIX: Play video after recording is completed, the interface is now even dim.
  • Review: the removal of the player remote control function.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS


Hi Guys…
A Spanish guy has made an unboxing video about a brand-new Pro6 bought in Ali.

The thing is that we have realized that it comes in Spanish with an (A) SO versión (I mean, totally Spanish, even settings).

Watching the video, we have realized that the version that it has is… That’s strange… Which version is it? Where did the get it?

I suppose it is an Internal BetaTester version… But… How did they get it?

I was looking for it in FlymeForum but not luck…

Here it is the video!


@negrito thats a fake firmware. Most likely the chinese retailer modified the firmware and also edited the build.prop when he did so.

But, how they changed the language of the rom? I mean, all parts, even settings?


@negrito the strings do exist in the A firmware as well. Actually by the use of morelocale2 you can get them back.

Really smart of him for not hiding the IMEIs

@Rey I use Morelocale2, but it does not translate “Settings” and, also the number of the ROM does not exist

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