Xposed/Flyme Tools on PRO 6

is it safe to install xposed on Flyme 5 with android 6.0?
-Yes :)

1st. install SuperSU - update binary
2nd install FlymeTools
3rd install xposed (via FlymeTools)

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@szmerd Yes, but make sure that you install the right version

Done :)
1st. install SuperSU - update binary
2nd install FlymeTools
3rd install xposed (via FlymeTools)

Working like a charm


@szmerd Awesome that you made it work.

The worst thing that may happen to you is a soft-brick what’s fixable with an update + clear data from Recovery.

So nothing bad can come from trying, as long as the Recovery is stock.

Hi guys!

I have tried to do as you say (with flymetools) and it appears to have been installed but Xposed says that whether Xposed sdk23 or my CPU is not compatible.

I have used a flymetools that I got from internet, translated to English due to I’m Spanish and I don’t understand Chinese. It’s not the last version but I can’t updated because I lose the English and also I can’t pay in the flyme market because I have not a Chinese credit card

Could you help me?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks SO much! Let’s try! Do I need to unistall my current one and Xposed and then install it? or make a factory reset or whatever?

EDIT: This version is much older than mine… Mine is

I think My problem is that I tried to install xposed with a tool and know is not posible to install it… I think I will do a Factory Reset

EDIT2: Sorry, I read it wrong… It was the oposite… yours is newer…


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@negrito uninstall xposed.
Of course You need root and busybox installed.
Follow instruction in FlymeTools -> xposed
Do not forget to update SU binary because You will loose root after xposed

I got it! I have installed the xposed that is in Meizu Market and now it works!


I always suggest to download busybox ( by meefik ), SuperSU (pro Ver by Chainfire) youll never regret. (For rooted devices)

Guys I found some source for 2 important files! ENJOY
------> https://yadi.sk/d/T_pZXg_pnMJsQ <------

What’s included in the link(Links are listed at the bottom of the page)?

  1. FlymeTools2.6.6_2152_eng_v2.apk (This is the most updated. There are few listed)
  2. Xposed_Installer_3.0.apk

0_1466469128029_Screenshot from 2016-06-21 03-22-29.png

Have fun.

How about themes app? I’ve got the int version and no themes option enabled!

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