Does anybody have working Android pay ?

i am still waiting for my phone to arrive but mainly i bought it because it had NFC so i was hoping that i can make some payments with it
at the moment in the UK android pay is supported but i am seeing difficulties getting it to work on devices
Does anybody have working Android pay?

The following break Android Pay;
-Xposed Framework
-Non-stock DPI
-Busybox installed to /system/… (/su/bin works!)
-Certain custom ROMs
-Classic root method (use systemless instead)
-/su/xbin_bind using systemless root (delete this file in this path and reboot)
-Any modifications to /system

@Ultrametric i know that if you are rooted and have xposed android pay will not work , i mentioned those things above
but will it work if i am not rooted basically with stock rom install

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@Mite-Janev then I have another link for you.

That’s if you can’t install it.
Can you install it?


I think the reason is:
“Your phone model hasn’t been tested and approved by Google”

@Ultrametric i appreciate the help but why dont you try it yourself on a Meizu Flyme OS and tell me what happened instead of posting something that you just googled


@Mite-Janev there were some complaints that it is not working at all. Sadly those reporters did not clarified whether or not their devices were rooted or unrooted. However, on Meizufans itself I also found other posts indicating that it doesn’t workes even unrooted due to the reason @maxant69 mentioned above.

even small companies like Cubot are getting certifications from google

where are you Meizu now ?


@Mite-Janev Meizu’s attend to win global customers is by advertising a renamed but pure Chinese product.

That’s where Meizu is.

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