Cant root my phone. Flyme account problem.
Meizu MX4 Pro

Hi guys… i have a serious problem… i bought my mx4 pro by and the phone comes logged in the seller’s flyme account. So i cant log in my own flyme account… then i cant root my meizu… i have contact with my seller, but he didnt answer me. Also i sent some mails to meizu but they dont want to give me a solution (i can show the pictures of the conversation if someone wants). So… do anyone knows a way to root my phone without log in flyme account? Or log out the seller’s flyme account?

I’ll eally apreciate any help. Everything is welcome.



You need to reset the phone and start from new !
To do this first power off the phone
While holding volume up press the power on
you should get 2 options - system upgrade and clear data
choose clear data and the phone will reboot
it will take a few minutes to start be patient
during startup it will give you the chance to setup fyme account
now you should be able to root using system and use all features attached to the flyme account

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