please help battery only 6hr. MEIZU pro 6

please help i got new pro 6 but im in panic my battery only 6hr. max
android 6
Flyne os 0_1464527371308_S60529-133543.jpg

what this uid:1010 his 27% or time to time 32%


@justass Don’t panic.

Option 1:
You must have gotten it from a Chinese reseller.
-> And Chinese reseller usually put bloatware on your phone.

Option 2:
The battery life of the Pro 6 simply sucks in general. 3000 mAhs with a 10-Core is simply not enough.
-> I doubt this. Though I wonder why the hell they combined 3000 mAhs with a 10-Core, to be honest.

Option 3:
The firmware is not optimized yet. And Meizu needs time to get it run smooth on the Pro 6.

I think your problem is a combination of Option 1 and Option 3.

Try to clear data from recovery and update to the latest firmware. Clear data is important, so backup all you must before you start.

And do not restore Apps from a backup! You want to have a fresh new phone. Best is if you don’t restore settings and apps from a backup at all.

Read the wiki:

Get the firmware from here:
Direct link to firmware: Flyme

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@justass I’ve pro 6 and no problems with battery.
I think You should make factory reset and test it.

Im reset to factory. Update to but stil not good max 12hrs. skype on viber on to auto lunch, battery to optimiz rest apps no notification no auto lunch.
im not happy whit Meizu battery life:(

@szmerd Hi please tel my how many hrs. u get from full battery

@justass About 12 apps autolaunch, battery mode: performance, about 3-4hrs screen on, and upto 24hrs on battery

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@justass you should install gSam Battery app and use phone from 100% to 0% and send us screenshots from this app


Did you restore from a backup? Like after you did update+ clear data?

Would be great to know more about the outcome. I think I’ll have the same issue. My phone heats as hell with Wi-Fi turned on and also came in with Yandex search hidden under Google logo and SmartVoice assistant hardcoded to the home button. I’m wondering if Flyme 5.2.00G will solve this.

im think im not restor im don 1. factory reset 2 volum up and power and vipe data and restor. next deleated all apps whits not relitive to my and restart the phone. 3 instol google app. play store, then restor the phone again. 4 instol my apps. ten chekck update this be 5.2.01A instol this. still battery bad, beter but not good inaf. im instol that battery sheck app i geve screan shot tomorow.
sorry for english spell sheck not working

and may somebady now what this uid:1010 from software in the screan sho, his sucks
the battery alot.

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Hi again I’m just wondering can i update to flyme 5.2.00G if i get updated to 5.2.01A i both this phone from China but im living in EU. Thank for any help

I also only get 12h of use… I don’t know what could be…


@negrito If you did clear data when updating and so have a fresh and clean system running.

If that’s the case then there is only answer.

And this is:
Meizu did either not optimize the latest Pro 6 firmware, or a 2560 mAh battery is just not enough for a 10-core SoC.
It could also be a combination of 10-core SoC 2560 mAh and not optimized firmware.

Speaking from my experience: It won’t make a big difference. As Meizu usual does not optimize FlymeOS.

Since 10/06/2017 I have the same problem on Meizu MX6 (, something must be wrong with the last updates.

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