Failing root on

Hello everybody,
I’m trying to root my MX4 with 5.1.5.oA firmware by installing User center apk (UserCenter 5.0.6.apk).
When I try to instll it a message appears asking me if I want to replace 5.0.6 for 5.6.2 ( Iimagine installed by default in the firmware), I accept to continue but always appears a message "not installed"
If I open the UserCenter I can’t find any place were allow root.
If anyone could help me I would be very grateful.


@reypescador actually it should be possible to root without the need of installing a different user center. Did you logged into Flyme on your device?

Also you might want to try Kingroot.

Yes I have logged into Flyme but I can’ find any place to allow root.
This has a UserCenter 5.6.2 installed and I can’t find anythig about root.
Thank you for the advice. I will try kingroot (I have never used it)
Thank you

Finally, thanks to your great help, I have working on my chinese MX4 .
I have used kingroot, as you suggested, to have root because I couldn’t find other way.
It’s a pleasure to find people like you.
Thank you very much

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