Can't update the device
Meizu m2 note

I have M2 Note, 4.5.4I

I tried to update to the new Flyme 5 Global version, but after the device reboot I get a message “Firmware corrupt”…
Tried to download it a couple of times, from different mirrors…
Also happen when I try to update to (from a file / OTA)

*I bought the device on the official seller at my country

What can I do?



@Meizuer it could be that the official seller added a lock to the device.
This is especially the case with devices bought in the EU as they are mostly shipped by TCCM.

I would recommend that you use this guide here:

It was primarily written for Chinese devices, but the method should work for your device as well.

Meizu m2 note

@Rey As far as I know most of the people (of course bought from the same seller) don’t have this problem of locked…

But I could try this guide, there’re any risks?
Also, on which method do you recommend?

@Meizuer that is happening because your m2 note is a A or U version originally, not I. So you have to change the version with as @Rey proposed and after this you’ll be able to flash G version. I did the same thing.

Meizu m2 note

@manik I asked the seller but they said it’s impossible beacuse they don’t import any A/U versions to here, only I…
But I don’t mind to try to do the guide, just want to know -

There’re any risks?
Also, on which method do you recommend?

@Meizuer check the box of the phone to see what’s your version. If it labeled M571 and has chinese letters all over it’s the chinese version so your seller fooled you. If it’s the M571H variant with english letters on the box it’s the International version and something is wrong with the files you download. If this is the case just use a downloader.
There is no risk in updating the phone but I recommend you to wait for a newer and more stable version of Flyme OS 5.


@Meizuer what’s your reseller?

Meizu m2 note

unfortunately I threw away my box a couple of weeks ago… :(
"BUG", in Israel


@Meizuer these devices should contain a lock if I am not mistaken.
Therefore I still encourage you to try using the conversion guide.

Meizu m2 note

@Rey Thanks, on which method do you recommend?


@Meizuer well I have no preference as I use an A firmware. However you should go with the one which looks easier to you in terms of understanding - so less can go wrong ;)

2016-06-03 06:48:58
Hay,I bought from aliexpress MEIZU MX5 whith Flyme I.(Internationl)
I can not update my device to new Flyme (Global)
I downloaded update file and get an error- "Firmware corrupt"
I ask advice or instructions: how to correct this error,and upgrade my phone?.
I also can not update via OTA because there is no such application on my device.

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