What does Unlocking bootloader mean

Hello everybody,
Probably I didn`t need to say I´m a beginner but I say it anyway.
If I unlock bootloader on my MX4 (, could I install the last “G” stable on it? …or it´s no so easy.
Thank you very much in advance for your help


Nope - you can’t. To do this you need to follow this guide:

Unlocking your bootloader would allow you to flash a custom rom or recovery and do deeper modifications to the core software of your device. Actually there is a CM rom available for the MX4, however it is not stable and therefore not recommended for daily use.

Thank you very much.
Very usefull, it has help me a lot.
Thanks again


@reypescador you are welcome.
To be honest, I discourage that you try to play around with the phone as Meizu devices are everything else than easy to modify.

You are right.
The only thing I would like to solve is the notifications (whatsapp and so on) problem that seem to be fixed in the last updates.
Thank you

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