Meizu m2 Note Issue (Bricked)


Some time ago a bought M2 note M571, OS From 1st day it it was giving “Firmware Corrupt” messege when i trued to update it, with any update…zip G,I,U, any of them was giving that error. So i tried to make it G, but now it’s bricked, bootloader is locked so i can’t install anithing custom, and for is it giving same error “Firmware Corrupt”.

Please help me with this issue!


@i2bz Hello.
please add more details.

It sounds like your phone is a soft brick (so not really a brick). WHat did you do? Be detailed.

Why don’t you update + clear data to an “A” firmware?

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@Ultrametric Hello

That is the problem i tried to do this but none of firmwares are working. I tried all of them everytime it gives me error like “Firmware Corrupt”


@i2bz You said that already.

But you still did not explain what you did :(


As said before if you did this then you have a Soft-Brick and your solution is update + clear data. The End.

So summary:

Problem: Soft brick and recovery works

Solution: Update + Clear Data from Recovery.

Read the Wiki:
And download an A firmware from here:

Or direct link: Flyme A beta
Stable direct link: Flyme

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Thanks, i will try it now :)

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