Contacts do not show in car bluetooth pairing
Meizu Pro 5


This makes two weeks that I have my pro 5, and from the beginning I can not have my contacts you from my car.
My pro 5 is parred in Bluethoot, I can play all my media, except for the phone part.

Do you have a solution?

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Hmm, used to work well for me back in the days (ABG/VAG cars tho), but I remember some SIM contacts wouldn’t show up for bluetooth calls… Let’s try some simple tricks first:

  • Unpair the devices
  • Make sure all of your contacts are copied to both your phone and your SIM card
  • Reboot your phone and finally re-pair the devices

Let me know how this turns out. It could be an issue with the car bt/audio unit as well as you obviously have enabled the device to read all your contacts over bluetooth.

Meizu Pro 5

Hi samanen, thank you for your answer.

The other problem that I can not import my contact list in my sim card, every time I try it tell me that the card is busy.

I’ll try to unpair and pair again and come back to give you feedbacks.

Meizu Pro 5

I export my contacts on my SIM card from another phone without any worries …

By cons I’m unpair and pair my phone to my car, my repertoire of contact is still alway not available.

Meizu Pro 5

I just tried with any fresh installation of stable ROM Flyme and always the same …
Am I the only one?

Meizu Pro 5

The same problem with Flyme :frowning2:


@stradfred said in Contacts do not show in car bluetooth pairing:

Am I the only one?

You seem to be the only one trying it so far :P
With the MB Module it works just fine (Mercedes Benz Board Computer). Never had a problem there though.
Is your board computer updatable? Maybe you can ask if there are any software updates available for it (e.g. each time our car goes to inspection they update some of the software).

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