Flyme no root??

I have installed Flyme on Meizu MX4 and there is no option to root the phone (or at least i can’t find it) like it was in previous versions. Is it still possible to get root access?

I have root access without doing anything and without installing meizuaccount .apk, root permissions were by default - don’t know why
You can still have root by installing mzaccount.apk, doing login like flyme 4 and so on (you should find the root option under “security” in settings)

If You asking about root , mean You are not a simple user , mean that You are not looking hard enough, at flyme os is very simple, the easiest I ever saw to a phone (it allows you to root the phone ) xiaomi have this thing , root so easy if you have a developer ROM installed. For almost any other brand you need program that exploits vulnerability of the OS to root. Like kingo root or something similar . I rooted with kingo a ZTE Nubia z7 with a single click . Not working on flyme ( pro5 ) . You find tutorial how to root on YouTube.

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