Flyme OS stable (m3)


  • Optimization: improve system security.
  • Optimization: Optimization of touch screen and Home button sensitivity.
  • Optimization: Optimization Home key vibration amplitude.
  • Optimization: applications to enhance the stability of the system.
  • Optimization: Optimization of power consumption performance background applications when mobile 4G card standby.
  • Optimization: Optimize video decoding logic to enhance the decoding rate.


  • Optimization: Optimization after leaving the hotspot coverage, the connection does not disconnect problems with hot spots.
  • Optimization: Optimization of Wi-Fi connection disruptions.


  • Repair: In case there is signal interference 4G, 2G network search is slow.
  • FIX: subway sporadic 2G network will be out of network.
  • FIX: When using VoLTE call does not display the status bar icon HD Voice.
  • FIX: Dual 4G card inserted, switching the default after the card can not be used to move data.


  • Optimization: focus to enhance the accuracy of the light source when clicking.
  • Optimization: Optimization Focus effect when shooting at close range.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

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@Rey Hi, Thanks for this post. Could you tell me if it is the international ROM. If it is, I have a chinese ROM and was wondering if it is possible to flash my device to the International ROM? tHANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ANY HELP

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