Bluetooth eating 500M

![alt text](0_1463993849385_S60521-080757.jpg image url)
I have a problem with bluetooth
if i put my phone in airplane mode when bluetooth is on …after reseting it back to normal mode this mtkbt will consume ~500M and the phone will be very sluggish

only solution is to reset the phone
I’m using flymeos

Anybody seens this problem before ?


@neo2buha you are not on the latest firmware. So try upgrading and see if it helps.
The “M” stand for MB by the way and indicates the used amount of memory.

i tried firmware
the good news is that this doesn;t seem to happen anymore
the bad news is that this firmware no longer shows memory statistic so i cannot know for sure
also good news … the battery seems to keep much longer
the bad news is that i no longer get messages for whatsapp

i’ll also try the beta firmware 5,6.x but as far i read on this forum the whatsapp thing seems to happen
so i’ll probably revert back to 4.x

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