Stuck in 'headphone' mode.

Hi Everyone!

My mx4 is now stuck up on ‘headphone’ mode.
Do you guys have a fix?
I’ve already tried to reboot, shutdown and plug/unplug the earphone, but no luck.

Please help.



@miked Hey,

I had something similar when a friend spilled a sweet drink on it. We were out in a club, and I placed my phone on a table --> drunkard spilled a cocktail on it.

In my case, cleaning it as good as possible (and having the phone in a rice bath didn’t solve it.
But plugging in and out and in and out … several times … the headphone check solved it.

Those headphone jacks break hardly, these are made to last. Maybe you have something stuck in there that tricks your phone into thinking a headphone is connected.

Thanks for the response!
I’ll try your suggestion when I get home later, and will post results after.

Thanks again! :ok_hand_tone4:

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