pro 5 flyme 4.5.4u

I just got my pro 5 and i wanted to update to newest flyme but i cant, i searched forum for 4 hour by now and i cant find anything that can help so please if any1 knows tell me

i;ve seen that but its not workinng (Web server is returning an unknown error) i also saw post with busybox and terminal and thats not working. I will try to explain bit better. coz i fucked it up :D i think that my phone had this 4.5.4u its a china unicom i think and phone was working fine i just simple wanted to update to newest, then i reset it to factory seting and now i dont have google play and i cant instal it got bunch of chinese icons etc… and i still cant find how to change that U to I or whatever so plz help me

Meizu Pro 5

Find and install Google Installer. May it help.

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