battery drains to fast and weacknes signal

I have the mx4 pro one week , i have try a lot of roms,stable and test. firmware .
The Mobile Battery not withstand with no Rom over 12 hours and with minimum use , the most time at standby (wify and 3g closed).
The signal is so weacknes and the most of time i am with no sim card.( no calls, no sms)
Have my phone problem ??my battery ?? or i do something wrong…?

Try going to it has been the best all-rounder for me; getting around 12 hours minimum daily usage with Bluetooth, location, wifi and 4G all on:

Meizu MX4 Pro flyme battery performance

I also suggest switching to power saving mode when you know you aren’t going to be using your phone for a while, when you need to use it again switch it back to balanced.
You should also look to see which of your apps are causing the most battery drain, if you don’t need them (for instance facebook has a mobile website) delete them, it will save a lot of battery.


For everyone reading this topic:

If you encounter issues with battery drain, a heating up device or other odd behaviour which wasn’t there before - reinstall the firmware the clear way, which means to wipe user data when upgrading.

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