Clean Flash vs Dirty Flash, what are they and when are they needed?

As the title asks.
Can anyone please explain to me the difference and when is each needed?
Also how are they performed?

When flashing a new stable over a stable firmware, which is needed?
If i rooted does it change the answer?

I’ve looked for a similar thread but did not find.

So sorry in advance if there is already a thread about this, if so i would love for someone to point me to it.

Thanks in advance!

Meizu Pro 5

Performing a clean flash implies to clean data (reset application, settings and personal ones) before applying update. At the opposite, dirty one means you apply the update keeping data as is.

Clean flash is much safer, and ensure phone is running nearly as out of the box.
Some people keep complaints before some of the features are defective, and this is often due to dirty flash.

As good solution is to backup your data (titanium backup is a great tool) and restore after flash

Meizu Pro 5

Always do a clean flash and never had any problem.

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When updating the update asks whether to wipe or not, wiping means i did a clean flash or do i need to go into the bootloader clean cache/dalvik etc?
If after updating “dirty” i do a factory reset, is it the same as if i did a clean flash?

Thanks for the answers btw :)

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