meizu mx4 pro wont boot/show anything

Hello to meizufans, i have a problem with a used mx4 pro i bought 2 days ago… While I was using it at 30% battery it vibrated and turned off…by then it shows nothing,not battery charging,wont go into recovery,wont boot…nothing, just black screen. Only thing it does it vibrating if long press the power button. Tried removing the battery, didnt help as well…Also shows nothing when I connect it to PC… is there something I can do?? didnt update or anything.

did you try long press on both poweron/off and volume up?

Yeah but it didn’t so anything. Just the vibration.

Meizu MX4 Pro

the lcd might be broken.
do you get a backlight?

@keepwalkingr This just popped up when searching for the same issue - did you ever get it fixed?

I found that my phone will only boot by pressing on the centre of the screen (otherwise I only get the backlight and the vibration), but if I let the phone go to sleep the screen wont work without another reboot. Is this the same with yours?

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