serious problem Getting overheat even in idle conditions

hello to all
i actually have overheating problems with my mx4 pro even in idle condition

when charging take time so long and battery drains too too fast
not like usual

i have try to upgrade from 4.5.7I to but that did not give any results
please can someone help me with this?
thank you to all

Meizu MX4 Pro

Open up settings, go on battery tab and check what process is running and causing the phone to overheat.

Reset with clear data;
Turn off and put to charger monitoring charger full
Install doze, greenify and power pro

@Giorgos-Hamouroudis i’ve been check what procces are running. there are google services take 39%. and android OS take 14%

@Dimitrive sory, what do yo mean about greenify and power pro

thank you

With greenify put google services and android OS sleep for while when you not uses.
With power pro to monitoring your battery and economic process using doze.

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