Fast Charging on Meizu MX5


i own Meizu MX5 which was bought from official europen distribution.
I have problem with fast charging. I dont know how to turn it on or i dont know where is problem.
Im using original Meizu adapter but Samsung USB cable because i broke my original one and charging is more than 2 hours…
How can i charge it more shorter ?


Uses original cable, not generic cable
Buy one on this:


@nemusss Don’t spend 20USD on a cable! That’s just insane.

-> I bought high quality QC 3.0 usb cables for 8USD and thought that’s expensive! (But they take up to 3A)

Anyway, all you need is a normal 2A USB cable. There are countless of em. Pick wisely, go for quality but don’t spent more than 8USD on it!

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