Flyme account "G" Version

Hello…(sorry but my english it’s not very well)
I don’t know if there is another older post with this problem…so i have mx4 pro from chinnese market and i was update it to the latest “A” and today i was upgrade to the “G” version. I realized that flyme account doesn’t appear anymore in settings…
Is there any way to get my sync from flyme account in this version or i have to go to “A” again?!

download the following apks and install on your phone.
you will get your account again and the option to root your phone:

Applications installed, log in but failed to sync, it said ’ service exception’. Any idea?

I also installed the “apks” but still can’t sync my data…😞Plz help us!

@iraarnon Same here - SERVICE EXCEPTION!
i’m sure there’d be no help but i’ll post anyway

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