bricked phone

I bricked my MX3 please help me, when i try to flash new FW with recoveryy it shows firmware is corrupt…
:it checks FW then starts updating and in almost 3/4 it stops and says Firmware corrupt. :(

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it might be very helpful if we would know the version you had before and the version you want to install… Usually FW is corrupt appears when you try to install a G firmware over an A firmware… So… be careful about what FW you want to install and be sure is the right one for your model.

so i made it I am on 3.5.3 that i downloaded from this site… but i cant update to upper versions… any ideas?
my phone is M351

What happened exactly? Maybe you did something wrong… I am still sure that u chose a wrong FW… As far as i know only when the FW you want to update is different from the version of FW you have on phone the update ends with a corrupt update… So… Try to download the 3.5.3 version again… Update… Then try to update again using a higher version. If you get the A version of 3.5.3 try to keep to A version of newer firmware… Keep us to date with your progress…

Hope it helped.

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so I finally managed to flash 3.8.5 i am okey with that since its android kitkat… but i have another problem I cant install Xposed Installer app… everz time i try it starts installing then it says: APP not installed… struggle is real today

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