Snapchat Bug Flyme

i have upgraded my meizu m2 note (indian) version to Flyme and i can see that when i open snapchat there is a weird black colored patch on the bottom of the application . Anyone facing the same . & Can any beta tester verify if this is solved ? and if yes version number please

alt text

alt text

Me since flyme 5 for my Mx4 exactly the same problem !


I think it’s a FlymeOS 5 bug.

For the MX5 it was reported in February. And if you are now… isn’t that long ago? Yeah it is!
Don’t expect it to be fixed.

Guys I think that it is a verifying device problem because in Flyme os 4 there was a feature with buck button on screen and that made the snapchat to have this black hole on the bottom! And I think that Flyme 5 is not well certificated from the Google as an official device something like that…

Do you guys it the camera app causing this issue . As the black line exists in the default camera app . and on flyme 4.5 it never existed . maybe snapchat is adding it to the camera . If nothing works im going back to flyme 4.5 . Even android wear call notifications dont work , F**ing hell

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