Meizu and Google Play Certification

I discovered that Meizu devices dont’ have google certification according to this list:
Maybe that’s why some google service doesn’t work without a workaround: for example I can’t print a document through wireless lan using Cloud Print.
And I can’t say that all chinese branded devices aren’t certified because in the list you can find Xiaomi, Gionee, LeTV, Oppo, ZTE, Vivo, Zuk.


@maxant69 Nice find, thanks for sharing.

I have to be a bit sarcastic:
-> Why go for google certification if you don’t make a global firmware!

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Thats quite interesting to see. Last year Meizu claimed to finally have acquired a Google license. However, now it is May and more than 1 year has passed - still no Google license it seems.

Well… at least “MEITU” has the certification… lol!

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