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Hi! I had this horrible bug where I couldn’t see all my contacts, and the numbers weren’t recognised in incoming calls. Yesterday I updated to Flyme 5 (the latest test stable version) and now everything is WORSE - the bug is here, but now my phone actually restarts itself when I get an incoming call, my phone crashes every time I open the caller app, I can’t send e-mails via gmail, and I can’t sync my pacecounter, This, and the fact that my phone slows down significantly after a call, and then restarts itself eventualy.

I was advised to reinstall the firmware and to wipe all user data (Other suggestions are more than welcome)

My question is - when I wipe user data, what will actually be wiped? Will it wipe away the content of the SD card too?

Thank you! :)

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@irisrashap "clear data” will clear all your personal data, including your notes, mail, contacts, and settings, but your files on the SD card (music, photos, etc.) will not be affected. :)


“You can backup apps & contacts & SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks & Calendars to the SD card/Google Drive/Gmail. You will never lose your data again!”

Thank you!
Is here a way to backup memos?


@irisrashap what do you mean by memos?
If you mean to bookmark the post you can click the 3 dots on the top right of the post and select the “Bookmark” option. You then will be able to find it from your user panel on your profile.

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