android pay will not work if rooted apparently, please explain....

I really dont understand why one needs to 'root’
Can someone explain why I would need to root my mx5pro in the first place?

Out of interest i downloaded supersu, and it said i dont have any binary somethings on my phone, so i deleted the app.

thanks for your help


@ca876 It’s great that you ask this questions.
Rooting the device gives the user unlimited possibilities but at the same time increases the risk.

Same said differently:
-> If you can modify a system file, then everybody can do it on your phone.

Most users don’t know much about security and don’t care much either.

However, anything related to losing money, that’s what people care about.
So usually banks or stuff related to money goes the way of having your device “as secure as possible”.

Does this make sense to you? Please let me know, if it doesn’t.

To the best of my knowledge, Android pay does not work on the Meizu Pro 5 at the moment. I’ve seen many people posting that it doesn’t work for them (including me) and no one has posted that it does work for them.

If you are reading this and you have successfully used Android Pay on your Pro 5, please let me know!


I am almost certain it is due to Meizu’s own Flyme framework and modifications towards Android. This can be seen as “insecure” in the eyes of banks/related, especially as Meizu devices aren’t “Play Store confirmed” by Google.

With root, however, you can modify your device ID to appear to be a verified/supported device and hide your root (one more reason why root is so popular). I’ve heard someone making root+bank apps work this way, but I am no-one to guide you through it.

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