I cannot find the (new) FM Radio.
Where is it?

Also I want to search music available to Chinese in China How can I do this? …
the Music app only seems to search what is on my phone
I cannot find any instructions on how to change this, there were some somewhere?


@ca876 it is inside the Music app.
Sadly it is not a real FM Radio. Only the Chinese firmware offers the Music streaming service.

Please kindly clarify a bit more…
It says ‘local’ top left of my music app
I cannot see any buttons that go anywhere other than to music or recordings actually on my phone
However now it all says zero because I cleared all of that stuff off my phone before i updated to thus I cannot see anything that does any ‘radio’ function at all.

Also is it possible to load onto this G phone that China streaming service?

Does streaming service work in the A firmware as maybe I can go back to the A firmwares?

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