Display gone Crazy, what is it?

as you can se in the attachment, my display gone crazy. All over the display are “crosses”.
Does someone know what it is?

are u sure the phone doesn’t have a screen protector on? on my phone i have a glass protector and in pure light is like you have it… there might be a screen protector on that screen…

Thanks a lot for your reply. There is no screen Protector on it.
I brought this meizu yesterday “used” maybe its a replaced display and not original… can it be?

It might be a cause… Try to download screen tester and fix from playstor… Is an icon that has an orange layout and rgb colors inside… Try this one and see if the problem persist… If it does you might wanna look for a screen or use to it like that… :)…

Cheers… Tell me how it goes… :)

@DanCo90 now the display is not working (no Touchscreen)so i think its not Original. shit happends :)

You might wanna check on :::http://www.meizuworld.com/original-lcd-display-touch-screen-digitizer-assembly-replacement-part-for-meizu-mx5.html::: or something for a brand new one… Hope u get your meizu working soon… Good phone… :)

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