It freezes on MEIZU logo after trying to update to Flyme

Hi, I have the chinese version of Pro 5. Months ago to update Flyme I used to use this guide when I updated from Flyme to Flyme and then Flyme and it worked perfectly fine.

Today I tried to update to Flyme and I followed all the steps but after a minute or 2 minutes when I used the dd command, the phone took me back to the main screen (or at least it seems that way) you could only see the wallpaper, no buttons, no icons, not any bar. I still waited the 10 minutes the guide says but nothing changed. It was freezed…

I had to do a hard reset and Install the firmware of the chinese version. I don’t know if this happened to others trying to follow the guide.

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try this cmd

fastboot -s “your PSN” oem unlock

Thanks, could you please tell me how to find out which is my PSN?


@Yamil-Chumacero You got lucky that it worked the first couple of times.

The usual way is to update to (with clear data) and then go to
-> if you want to update again you go to 5.x. A and then to 5.x. I

It’s pretty surprising that you got it running with jumps between FlymeOS 4.5.x to 5.x, you got lucky there.

To explain the problem better:
-> The method you linked forces files from the global firmware on your phone. But only parts of it, not everything.
If you mix files from FlymeOS 4.5 with FlymeOS 5 you create an unstable, and untested OS in the best case and end up in a boot loop in the worst case.

Why don’t you transform your phone into a global device? There are topics online for this. Don’t ask for links though, don’t know where it is here.

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@Ultrametric Thank you very much for explain it to me. I had no idea. I guess I was lucky, also I didn’t know I was able to transform my cellphone to a global device. I haven’t seen a topic talking about it. In this last trying, I had to install the Flyme through recovery option and then follow the tutorial one more time and it worked perfectly. I supposed before it didn’t work because of what you said, I was doing it from Flyme to Flyme

@Ultrametric Again, thank you so much for the information. Have you tried to follow the tutorial? I am new at this and I have some doubts. I hope you can help me. Does the region change continues on my cellphone even if I do a factory reset? At the end of the post, I read about unlocking bootloader. As far as I know it only seems when you want to use a different ROM. So is there any other use or just it? Also if you can recommend a different ROM, I would aprreciate.

Thank you

Meizu Pro 5

I’ve upgraded from to without a problems. Currently experiencing one strange thing.
Phone does not connect to LTE networks! only 3G at best! :(
Has anyone experienced something like this?

I really like the updates in Translated keyboard, Themes and other stuff. I’ve noticed that battery drains much slower now.


@simsunas did you checked the APN Settings? Also verify that it is just you encountering this problem, it might be that your provider has an issue as well.

Meizu Pro 5

@Rey Actually, that day, after my complaint, it started working again :D But I had to exit to a “cleaner” place. I got it but the signal was very weak. I just forgot to write here :) Though, signal never was so weak with…

@simsunas I have an issue with notifications. It’s like I chose to kill the app because I don’t get the notification. At first I thought it was because of the battery mode, I changed to maximum performance but the issue continues. By the way, does anyone know the name of the message app? I want to delete it because it’s failing

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